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Irish rock band The Midnight Preachers release their new single titled “Summertime” to all digital outlets today. The song was produced by produced & mixed by the band’s Eoghan MacSheain in Wildwater Studios & mastered by Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal.

“Summertime is a throwback to the mid-90s – summery vibes and nostalgia” says The Midnight Preachers.



The Midnight Preachers released their debut EP ‘Desert Hymns’ across all major streaming sites in December 2020. Mastered by the legendary Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, the EP offers the roaring duality of the Preachers signature sound. ‘California’, the debut single of the EP, is reminiscent of 1970s dream rock, boasting the lush sonic textures of shoegaze and the powerful, distorted guitar of classic rock. The track soared to No.2 on iTunes Irish Rock Chart, immediately following its release.

Not ones to hold back, the Preachers subsequent singles, ‘Mexico’ and ‘Pusher Woman’ delve straight into hard rock indulgence, with fiery tones, funk smatterings and unapologetic attitude. So much so that ‘Pusher Woman’ was nominated for Classic Rock Magazine’s, Track of The Week shortly following its release in August 2020. The Midnight Preacher’s debut EP garnered great digital success, with its intrepid range attracting a broad listenership across the globe, being named Rock Revolt Magazine’s ‘Indie Band of The Week’ in August of 2020. This debut EP offers a hearty glimpse of what is to come from these unpredictable rockers, transcending traditional classification in favour of instinctive, unabashed tracks with one foot in the present, one foot in the classics. The Preachers are currently recording their debut album, ‘Soul Food’.

‘Desert Hymns’ is available to purchase from and from


Or listen on Youtube:
‘Pusher Woman’



‘Holding On’

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The Midnight Preachers first embarked on an Irish tour in 2019, supporting Ron Bumblefoot Thal (Sons of Apollo, Guns N’ Roses, Asia) in several prominent venues across the Republic of Ireland. Having more recently focused on recording their debut album ‘Soul Food’, the Preachers plan to embark on a post covid Irish & UK tour. The first single from Soul Food will be released in July 2021, with the rest of the album following later in the year.