Formed in the North West of Ireland in 2017, The Midnight Preachers are Eoghan MacSheain on lead guitar & vocals and Emer McLaughlin on bass guitar & vocals.

Sharing a love of southern rock & old blues, the Preachers soon found their sound rooted in a blend of rich vocal harmonies and thundering, bluesy guitar riffs. Citing such diverse influences as Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac & John Prine, the Preachers' sound calls upon the spirits of the greats, summoning a time gone by with a hard-hitting, modern flair.

Later joined by drummer Colin Kenny, the Preachers found their groove, refining their sound for post covid dates across Europe.

Having played shows all over the island of Ireland, performing with Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal and recording their critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Desert Hymns’, The Midnight Preachers have spent the past four years honing their signature sound and developing a sirenic stage presence to match.

Preparing for their upcoming post-covid tour, the Preachers are due to release their debut album ‘Soul Food’ in late 2021.